Seattle Torchlight Parade - July 30, 2005



Badger with the blast shield down

Sonnet getting into character

It's not easy being Queen...
Jedi Kai as Jocasta Nu
Sonnet putting the makeup on at Center House - the little girls that kept coming in with their moms were so cute - "I really like your costume!"

Amazing work!!!

Walruslord as Anakin - very popular with the teenage girls in the crowd

Theo as a Jedi padawan

Rosey as Endor Leia

Rotton as Obi-Wan

Greg as a Scout trooper

Darkside and Sonnet in the Grand Marshal vehicle; too bad I couldn't get a clearer photo

Hey we loooove this theatre!

kiwi as Ep. III Padmé - and de-trooping troops right after the parade

All of us together - Alpha Base, Garrison Titan (and Canadian Base!)

Yimisty at Red Robin afterwards

Very tired royalty

Jedi Kai's photos:

Soooo glad I took the umbrella - the parade staging area was in a wide open parking lot with basically no shade.

On the route - the crowds were pretty much 4 people deep on each side for the whole way. People cheered us the entire way!

Sonnet's parents' photos:

Sonnet and 'Vader" got interviewed before the parade by the news - we got to watch it later and she looked great!!!

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