Padmé's 'Black' dress from Revenge of the Sith

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Ad Astra
April 10,



Photo by Maggie

with Reanna 
with Sam

with Ray Park/Darth Maul 

with Thomas

Photo © theCloneEmperor
Photo © kay_dee
Photo © kay_dee

July 1 & 9,

I hadn't planned on making any RotS costumes until I saw the movie - when I saw Padmé in this dress on the big screen and could see all the seams and pleats etc. I squee'ed (internally) "I have the perfect pattern for this dress already!" I really enjoyed making this costume. The shawl is done too but I have yet to take pics of the whole ensemble.

The actual costume is not really black, it's a very dark purple fuzzy lace overlay, also worn under the cloak in the "Leia buns" costume, but I intended this to be only a quick project and not a perfectionistic one so I didn't look harder for purple fabric - it was hard enough finding this black lace overlay that I was satisfied enough with. Besides, Maggie said, if I made it purple, people would probably say "isn't it supposed to be black??" LOL!


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