Princess Leia's Ceremonial gown from A New Hope

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April, May,
July 2005

Torchlight parade July 30, 2005:

- photo by Jedi Kai
New belt made by kay_dee

Episode III premiere May 18th, 2005:

Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, April 21-24, 2005:

Ralph Brown (Ric Olie/Prince John)

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)

With Thomas

Nick Gillard (Jedi master)

With Holly/surlygirlie (photo by kay_dee)

Feb. 15,

Finished the necklace. Followed Kay-Dee's necklace for reference. I used Sculpey for the pieces, used a cake tester for the holes in the pieces to string them (thanks StormTrooperPrincess!). I painted them with a silver leafing pen, which didn't leave any streaks at all. I then sealed them with acrylic sealer as per the instructions on the silver leafing pen, but it dulled the silver down so that it just looked like silver spray paint. So I re-painted over top of that with the pen all over again, and the result was even smoother and shinier than before anyway.

Next up: belt. Hate belts. Cuts up a perfectly good visual line right in the middle.

Jan. 27, 2005

I tried a muslin of the gown a couple of weeks ago that totally didn't work out; the fabric was so cheap I couldn't even get the needles to go through it - it just bunched.

This past weekend I just dove right into the actual fabric, as it was inexpensive enough to be considered a muslin if it didn't work again, but it totally worked! I'm so happy! I tried satin stitching the edges of the wings, but they just keep tearing, so I'll have to roll them instead.



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