Eowyn's White Wool Gown

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  More pics from Dragon*Con

I tried to make the shoes myself out of pleather, but after about 7 mockups that still didn't look all that great I gave up and went boot shopping. I painted the design on in "iridescent bright gold" acrylic paint.

The belt is made out of 2" split key rings for the circles, craft foam with silver spray paint for the solid/star pieces, 18 gauge silver-coated copper craft wire and silver ball beads. I used epoxy to glue the wire to the circles, and sewed each circle directly onto the fabric belt with metallic thread because linking all the circles and then trying to get them to sit just right on the under belt seemed like too much of a nightmare. A small tutorial is here.

The neckline embroidery was done by a local embroidery shop.

I didn't do a train because I know what a pain it would be trying to walk with - and white fabric to boot - I could just see it getting totally dirty from me tripping on it and others stepping on it. That said, I wish I'd made the hem a little longer, but I didn't know the boots I would end up finding would have that thick a heel on them.

Images of Miranda Otto/LOTR © New Line Cinema Ltd.
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